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Photina x fraseri 'Robusta'

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Non Native


Photinia x fraseri 'Robusta' is a remarkable, towering evergreen shrub or petite tree whose impressive leaves are saturated with deep green and glossy hues, glowing crimson to copper when newly emerged before mellowing to green.

Boasting a fast growth rate, this charismatic shrub is densely foliaged and captivates with it's glimmering young red foliage that transitions to dark, shiny green.

In the early spring, its domed-shaped crowns of small, antique-looking white flowers are replaced by vivid red berries.

Truly an ideal choice for a hedge or small tree.

This hardy shrub flourishes in full sun to semi-shade and grows approximately 5m tall by 3m wide, making it an excellent selection for screening and borders.

Plant in well-draining loam, sand, or well-drained soil, maintaining moisture when hot and dry, and fertilize annually with balanced fertilizer. Pruning regularly promotes the plants natural habit and creates a more dense foliage type.

If wishing to grow into a tree make sure to prune leaving one leader.


 Please note: No live plants can be sent to Tasmania, N.T, W.A or overseas


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