Penestemon hirsutus 'Pygmaeus Atropurpureus

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Common Name: Beardtongue / Beard Tongue / Dwarf Hairy Penstemon

Non Native


Penstemon hirsutus var. pygmaeus f. albus offers a stunning addition to any garden, regardless of soil type or exposure.

This exotic beauty blooms in a unique color palette of purple and white from late Autumn through December, and it boasts dark green foliage that prefers partial shade.

With its delicate, lilac-hued blooms and attractive maroon leaves that transition to green by mid-summer, this prostrate-forming shrub is the perfect choice for borders or rockeries and will gracefully tolerate dry, rocky, and even depleted soils.

Height: 15cm x Width: 40cm


Please note: No live plants can be sent to Tasmania, N.T, W.A or overseas


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