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Orly Faya's "Jacarandah Blues" Fine Art Print

Orly Faya's "Jacarandah Blues" Fine Art Print

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Jacarandah Blues
This piece was created in the Sydney side home of a courageous woman, as a a means of healing and embodying her beautiful perfection through her unification with the beauty of the unique and brilliant Jacaranda Tree. The Jacaranda, that blooms wildly for no more than about a month, reminds us that there is a season for everything. A season for sadness, a season for joy, a season for connection and a season for integration… All aspects of our being are perfect points of reference to our inherent humanity. 

Small - 30cm x 40cm
Large - 50cm x 70cm
X Large - 70cm x 100cm

FINE ART GICLEE PRINTING with the option of Bamboo stock if available.

About the Artist
My name is Orly and I grew up in Sydney, with a heritage that stretches to Eastern Europe, Scotland and Israel. I left Aussie shores as fast as I could at the age of 18, travelled extensively before I completed a BA in anthropology at Macquarie university in 2006 and have spent the majority of the last 18 years living in various corners of this beautiful earth and learning about the different people of the world.

I have always been a creative, whether it be with colours, or words or dance... I drew and painted since I was little, it was always the most obvious thing for me to do to become calm and centred.

There was a big break in my life, when I delved deep into the academics of law and psychology and anthropology, only to discover that my connection to my true sense of inner peace was being jeopardised. I learnt that painting would keep me connected and that the bottom line of success was going to be measured through my personal sense of wholeness and happiness only.

My body painting journey began a decade ago, and the body of work from my last 7 years of work has focused primarily on painting people into the world, and stems from one of the most primal lessons that I have ‘remembered’ over the years - Simply, that we humans originate from the earth, are completely interconnected to the biosphere, and will return to the earth when we die, as with all things. 

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