Hydrangea macrophylla hot pink Tubestock

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Non Native

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Hot Pink' stands out amongst shrubs with vibrant and alluring bright pink flowers. Flowering from Nov-Jan.

Its ovate-shaped, large green leaves thrive best when in part-filtration sunlight, sheltered from heat and gusty winds.

Ideal for temperate to subtropical climates, this floral attraction is resilient to drought and coastal frontlines.

You can freely prune and deadhead to shape after flowering; however, if desired, they can be cut back severely.

A slow release fertiliser should be fed at the end of spring for optimal growth. Most importantly, its flower color will remain a blazing pink, no matter the pH.

Reaching a height of 2 metres and width of 1.5 metres, this Hot Pink Hydrangea will make a statement in any garden.


Please note: No live plants can be sent to Tasmania, N.T, W.A or overseas.


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