Hakea Prostrata Tubestock

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Native: Yes

Common name- Harsh hakea

A remarkably adaptive native Hakea, Prostrata Tubestock will thrive in a broad range of soil compositions, including calcareous and non-calcareous sands, clays, and gravel.

Its deeply varied conditions of habitation allow it to flourish in a variety of landscapes, and it's white flowers, with small or no point/rhomboid-shaped emerald foliage, present a stunning show from July to October, luring wildlife to its presence.

Standing at 4m tall, and 2m wide, this evergreen perennial is ideal for any revegetation or shrubbery project, and with its full sun requirement, is sure to bring attention to any garden.

When planting place a typhoon tablet, which will help replenish surrounding soil and will keep soil fertilised for the next 12 months. 

Please note: No live plants can be sent to Tasmania, N.T, W.A or overseas.


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