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Habitat - AB Bishop

Habitat - AB Bishop

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As suburban nature rapidly diminishes and biodiversity shrinks, Habitat aids those who desire to have an assortment of insects, reptiles, birds, amphibians and animals in their garden. Not only does it provide pleasure, but it also promotes local environmental sustainability and wildlife health.

AB Bishop explains how to create, cultivate and preserve wildlife-friendly spaces, emphasizing the necessity of recognizing how disparate parts of the backyard habitat interrelate in order to develop a genuine and effective haven.

This comprehensive resource offers a comprehensive plant directory, advice on which plants (local and foreign) are perfect for specific critters and the logic behind it, as well as guidance on the various housing, nesting, food, and hydration requirements of different wildlife.

The book contains practical projects with step-by-step directions for soil sampling, constructing compost tea, establishing a frog pond, setting up nesting boxes, and creating insect hotels.

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