Festuca Glauca

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Non Native.

This grass is commonly known as blue fescue, blue mountain grass, and grey fescue.

A perennially clumping ornamental grass known for its silvery-blue, spiky needles. Sprouting nine ribs per needle, these blades reach 140-180mm in length, radiating from the center. As the foliage forms a dome, light-green blooms with a purple tinge appear in late spring to early summer.

Ideal for use in rockeries, edging borders, as a lawn alternative, or as groundcover in cottage-style gardens, containers, and baskets, Festuca Glauca will bring maximum impact when planted among a selection of contrasting ornamental grasses.

Preferring a sunny or partly shaded spot in the garden, it is also suited to container planting and tolerant of dry spells and cool climates, completely frost hardy.

Ensure it is mulched and watered well in its first 12 weeks and fertilize with slow-release fertilizer in spring.

Enjoys rich loamy, well drained, moist.

The plant should be divided and replanted every 4-5 years. Growing to approximately 50 cm x 50 cm.

No live plants can be sent to W.A, N.T, Tasmania or overseas.


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