Indigenous Eucalyptus Arenacea

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Our indigenous range is sourced from local seed collectors that have lived in Dimboola their whole life! They are passionate about rejuvenation, sustainably  and gathering seed from trees and shrubs naturally grown in the area.

Our indigenous rage rang has approximately a 100km radius from Dimboola town center and we are very proud and passionate to be able to share this range with everyone!


Eucalyptus Arenacea is an elegant Mallee towering 3–10 meters tall with stringy, fibrous bark adorning its trunk and thinner branches.

The juvenile foliage is paired and egg-shaped leaves and the adult leaves are glossy green.

Clusters of seven to fifteen flower buds bloom with individual buds. The mature buds are oval to club-shaped. 

Flowering mainly occurs between December and January and the flowers are white. 

Desert stringybark grows on sandhills and on sandplains between Keith, Pinaroo and Bordertown in the Ninety Mile Desert in South Australia and in the Little Desert and Big Desert areas of Victoria.

It grows on very poor soils mainly white sands.


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