Disphyma Crassifolium

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Commonly known as round-leaved pigface or salty fingers is a species of flowering plant in the family Aizoaceae native to Australia.

Height 30cm Width 100cm.

This a captivating native ground cover, graced with vivid pink and purple daisy-like flowers. Sporting succulent-like leaves, it excels in water-wise settings and is widely used in landscaping areas such as native, coastal, playgrounds, poolside, verge and flower gardens.

Suited to native, coastal, playground, poolside, and flower gardens. This hardy perennial is fast-growing and drought-tolerant, desirably planted in sandy, loam, clay, saline, acidic, and alkaline soils.

Dysthymia crassifolium is a hardy perennial that is fast growing and drought tolerant.

Attracts pollinators and beneficial insects.

Fertilize in spring with a native fertilizer, prune if needed but generally a low maintenance plant.

No live plants can be sent to W.A, N.T, Tasmania or overseas.