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Animalia Art Australia Bare-Nosed Wombat

Animalia Art Australia Bare-Nosed Wombat

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I am one of the largest burrowing mammals in the world, also known as a nocturnal herbivore. We normally waddle but can run up to 40km/h. But the most interesting fact about us is ……… we have cubed poo!

We are marsupials with brown, tan or grey fur and are the closest living relative of the Koala.. From our stubby tails to our large skulls, we can measure up to 1.3 m. long and weigh 36kg and can travel up to 3 kilometres a night to eat grass, shoots, roots and shrubs.

Material: 3mm Corten Steel – designed to rust on the surface (without corroding) and age beautifully over time.


Regular: 29cm x 17cm

Installation: Comes with two pegs that are installed through the Wombats paws. Either installed vertically to be pushed into soft dirt or installed horizontally to create a free-standing art piece. 

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