Banksia praemorsa (Burgundy) TUBESTOCK

Banksia praemorsa (Burgundy) TUBESTOCK

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Cut-Leaf Banksia 'coastline banksia'

Medium to large shrub, 2-4m high.   Large burgundy - dark red-purple flower spikes of up to 30cm or more, opening from the bottom first in Spring.  Very successfully grown in perfectly drained sandy loam and in coastal locations.  A great ornamental banksia, growing to a medium shrub and adaptable to a variety of well drained soils and climate zones.  

The Cut-leaf Banksia attracts birds as well as providing shelter for them.
Fantastic as an ornamental in the garden, or as windbreak or coastal planting.
This species can tolerate winds and coastal exposure, as well as moderate frost, dry periods, and alkalinity.

 live plants can not be sent to W.A, N.T, Tasmania or overseas.

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