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Animalia Art Australia Koala Joey

Animalia Art Australia Koala Joey

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Our best selling Koala is now available in Joey size! I am a marsupial that looks a lot like a teddy bear. I am placid and a solitary animal and I  sleep up to 23 hours a day. We spend most of our time in trees and rarely come down as that is where our main predators, dingoes and dogs, are.

My species feeds almost exclusively on the leaves and bark of 120 of the 800 species of eucalypti present in Australia and in order for us to be able to ingest eucalyptus our babies must be fed the faeces of our parents in order to build up a stomach lining that can handle the toxins in the eucalyptus.

Material: 3mm Corten Steel – designed to rust on the surface (without corroding) and age beautifully over time.

Size: 20cm x 14cm

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