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Active Magnesium (Twin Pack)

Active Magnesium (Twin Pack)

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The dairy industry has been disguising the truth from us in saying that calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones yet we all know elderly folk who have consumed dairy products their whole lives yet break bones from even a simple fall. The reality is that we are swamped in calcium. It can’t get into our bones unless we have an active, absorbable, effective form of magnesium to activate vitamin D which only then stores calcium in our teeth and bones. This also reduces the risk of calcium deposits in our soft tissues, in arteries and veins, in ducts and organs as stones. Magnesium is crucial in balancing calcium intake and we consume far too much calcium and insufficient magnesium.

But magnesium does so much more. It is part of the energy molecule, ATP, and without this magnesium-bound ‘fuel’ we will feel physically tired, mentally overwhelmed or suffer a wide range of things from moodiness, migraines, muscle cramps, twitches, restless legs, poor blood glucose control, insulin resistance. All these varied conditions are because magnesium is essential for over 325 enzyme reactions that power our lives.

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