Indigenous Acacia Ligulata

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Our indigenous range is sourced from local seed collectors that have lived in area their whole life.

They are passionate about rejuvenation, sustainably and gathering seed from trees and shrubs naturally grown in the area.

Our indigenous range is within a 100km radius from Dimboola town center. 

We are very proud and passionate to be able to share this range with everyone!

  • Botanical Name: Acacia Ligulata
  • Common Namesandhill wattle, umbrella bush, marpoo, dune wattle, small coobah, wirra, and watarrka
  • Provenance:  Jeparit
  • Flowering time: May to November
  • Flower colour:  Vibrant yellow to orange globular flower heads
  • Foliage Colour: Bushy, spreading, more or less rounded, slightly angular or ribbed, light green, smooth
  • Height and width: 4m x 3m
  • Soil Type: Poorer soils, well drained. Drought tolerant. Full sun.
  • Usage: Hedging and windbreaks, soil stabilization, erosion control, and revegetation of saline and alkaline areas. stock fodder, great nectar tree for bees and birds.

Indigenous Australians have long used the plant for various purposes, mixing its ashes with Duboisia hopwoodii to produce a stimulant chewing mixture (pituri) for trading, consuming its gum, roasting its seeds for damper, and using its leaves and bark for medicinal purposes.


The Native Shop cannot send any plants in the Myrtacea Family into SA.

Please note: No live plants can be sent to Tasmania, N.T, W.A or overseas. 


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