Southern Boobook Owl Metalbird Art

  • $79.00
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We think it would be very wise to add this nocturnal beauty to your garden. A small but tough Owl, the Southern Boobook Owl outlived the larger Laughing Owl who died out over 100 years ago. Need a tough friend in your garden? This piece of garden decor is perfect for you.
Size: 31cm x 25cm

What is a Metalbird made from?
Metalbirds are laser cut from Premium 3mm Corten® Steel.

Will my animal rust?
Yes – Metalbirds are made from Corten® which is designed to rust. This gives them long term protection against the elements, and a beautiful patina that shifts with the season.

What is Corten steel?
A copper chromium alloy steel, Corten® is weather resistant – it’s designed to rust quickly, which gives a layer of protection. It means that Metalbirds last for decades, with a patina that changes with the seasons.


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