Robin & Chick Metalbird Art

Robin & Chick Metalbird Art

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Our comeback queen 'Old Blue' is back and she's not alone, she now has a baby chick on the branch with her!
The Chatham Island Black Robin was on the brink of extinction having been down to 5 specimens back in 1979. With the help of Wildlife Service and conservationists, there are now over 250 Robins in the wild and their numbers are increasing. And just like Chatham Island, our very own Robins have been staying busy...

Size: 32cm x 14cm

What is a Metalbird made from?
Metalbirds are laser cut from Premium 3mm Corten® Steel.

Will my animal rust?
Yes – Metalbirds are made from Corten® which is designed to rust. This gives them long term protection against the elements, and a beautiful patina that shifts with the season.

What is Corten steel?
A copper chromium alloy steel, Corten® is weather resistant – it’s designed to rust quickly, which gives a layer of protection. It means that Metalbirds last for decades, with a patina that changes with the seasons.


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