Kennedia coccinea - Coral Creeper (OVERSEAS OPTION NO GST) (SEEDS)

Kennedia coccinea - Coral Creeper (OVERSEAS OPTION NO GST) (SEEDS)

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Botanic Name : Kennedia coccinea

A very showy climber, hanging vine or ground cover with masses of coral pink, orange to deep red flowers in Spring on erect stems from which they fan out in a dense cluster against thick soft green foliage.

A vigorous, attractive and useful plant in a garden, courtyard or patio. If supported, climbs to 2m (7′) on a slender, twining, rust-coloured stem and branches. Also useful as a dense and beautiful ground cover. Fabulous in an open garden or large, deep hanging baskets or elevated pots or tubs.

Coral Creeper Cultivation Notes

Contents: Approx. 30-35 seeds.
Open onto a sheet of paper.

Wildflower Seed Starter granules recommended to boost germination.

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