Eucalyptus erythronema Hot Threads 70mm Supertube

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70mm Supertube

Eucalyptus erythronema Hot Threads has an absolutely beautiful trunk.  Waxy white with seasonal patches of red bark; the canopy is of fine grey-green leaves and large blood-red blossoms that are magnets to honey-eating birds in spring & summer. As it will only grow to 7m tall and 3-5m wide it is suitable for most garden spaces, and in groups or mixed among contrasting trunks they look astonishing when planted any broad landscape design.  Suited to temperate & semi arid climates in well drained neutral to acid ph soils. Frost tolerant inland and will grow in near-coastal sites.

Eucalyptus Hot Threads (Eucalyptus erythronema) is absolutely stunning. Also known as a red flowered Mallee, Hot Threads has a waxy white bark which will display seasonal patches of red. Foliage is grey green and during Spring and Summer large deep red fluffy flowers appear which will attract native wildlife to your backyard. Tolerates dry conditions and will cope with mild frosts when young.


The Native Shop cannot send any plants in the Myrtacea Family into SA & NT. 

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