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Animalia Art Australia Blue-Banded Bee

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Australia has over 2,000 species of native bees and the Blue-Banded Bee is a very special one of these 2,000 species. It is capable of a special type of pollination behaviour called ‘buzz pollination’. In some plants, the pollen is trapped inside tiny capsules in the centre of the flower. The blue banded bee can curl her body around the flower and rapidly vibrate her flight muscles, causing the pollen to shoot out of the capsules. As she collects some pollen for her nest, she transfers some of the pollen to other flowers, successfully pollinating the flowers.

Material: 3mm Corten Steel – designed to rust on the surface (without corroding) and age beautifully over time.

Size: 30cm x 16cm including the branch. Bee's actual size is: 6.6cm x 4.6cm

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