Various Native Ingredients - 20g

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Vegan Friendly | Sustainably Sourced | Naturally Grown

Native Australian ingredients can be used as simply in your cooking as herbs and spices. Browse our unique range of flavours sourced directly from small farmers, Indigenous Communities, and Wild Harvesters. Discover the tastes of Australia from the tropical north to the dry central deserts.

Aniseed Myrtle
Seeking a spice that will sharpen up your cooking? Harvested from a rare rainforest tree, each leaf contains high amounts of Anethole, giving an addictively good anise-like aroma.

A dynamic spice that mixes well with curries and hearty stews, Aniseed Myrtle can also be added into baked goods such as gingerbread. Use it with salt on fish and poultry, or sprinkle some in some tea. Diverse, delicious and sustainable, obviously Australian.

Cinnamon Myrtle
Famed for a powerful aroma similar to cinnamon, it's a sustainable and delicious alternative packed with nutrients to power your cooking. Dynamic when used in both sweet and savoury dishes, a sprinkle of this native spice will improve the flavour portfolio of a delicious cake, or mixes well with hot water to become a powerful caffeine-free tea.

Lemon Myrtle
Who doesn't love citrusy, lemony goodness? Giving a powerful citrus pack, the seriously strong Lemon Myrtle gives a blast of delicious, citrus flavour. It goes especially great in cooking meat, baking, and olive oil infusions. A little goes a long way with this great native, so use sparingly! The powerful antibacterial ingredient also has an array of other health benefits, click below to find out more.

Mountain Pepperleaf
The Perfect spice for meat rubs, or roasted vegetables with an aromatic basil/nutmeg aroma and herbaceous flavour. Yet, this popular herb is spicy - so chilli lovers beware!. It's a perfect pair for a Southern Style Chicken, or to be used in a Vegan/Vegetarian curry. Better yet, the Mountain Pepperleaf is packed with antioxidants, and is a great winter's immune booster.

Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry
Yes, a hot hot hot addition to add that extra bang to your dishes. The Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry builds flavour portfolio in meats, cheeses, and hearty meals. What's more it blends well in salads, and will add further taste in homemade sauces and roasted vegetables.

River Mint
River Mint is the Australian mint. With a powerful spearmint like flavour, each leaf comes dried making it ideal for tea infusions, or for souvlaki/Middle-Eastern styled recipes. It's an outstanding addition in desserts, and can be used as a healthy flavouring in tarts, cheesecakes, or even ice-cream!

Old Man's Saltbush
A delicious salty, earthy herb that can be used in a wide array of dishes to give a salty flavour in place of regular salt. Pour a teaspoon into stews, or curries or sprinkled over salad for a salty hit. Use it with Lemon Myrtleon fish and poultry, or use in a seasoning for lamb or chicken. Diverse, delicious and sustainable, obviously Australian.

Strawberry Gum
What's fruity, ground and super easy to cook with? This powerful ingredient adds a delicious zap of berry-goodness to both sweet & savoury dishes. Sourced from Australian growers, it's a great addition on a classic Smashed Avo, or great in pastry.

An excellent enhancement to fruit salads, and cream-based desserts like pana cotta, crème brûlée and pavlova. Plus, the antioxidant properties will help you feel and look great!

Only one of over 900 species of Australian Wattle, this one contains a unqiue hazelnut/chocolate/coffee aromatic spice. Wattleseed is a powerful native botanical, beneficial to your health, and your taste buds. Unlock the unique Wattleseed flavour which is great in biscuits, warm beverages and cakes. Use as you would use cinnamon. Try it today!

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