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River Red Gum

Large tree with graceful spreading growth habit combined with beautiful smooth multi-coloured bark.  Used as a feature tree in a large space.  Low maintenance once established and grows over a very wide range of climates throughout Australia.  Useful tree for stabilising river banks.  Can drop branches unexpectedly.  Woodlot

The River Red Gum is known to grow almost anywhere but more particularly along the water courses (dry and wet) of the inland. A very large tree, its spreading canopy has provided shade to most Australians in their leisure hours. The great trees along the Murray River are River Red Gums.

Preferring light to heavy soils in an open, sunny position, this tree can grow to a height of 50 metres with a spread of 7 metres. The stem is often twisted and the branches spreading. The bark is smooth and reddish brown while the crown is densely textured. The leaves are dark green and the summer flowers are white. This tree is drought, frost, heat and salt tolerant.



The Native Shop cannot send any plants in the Myrtacea Family into SA & NT. 

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