Kunzea pomifera - Muntries 50mm TUBESTOCK

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Kunzea pomifera - Muntries.  30-50cm high x 2-5m wide.  Very attractive plant that produces a delicious bush food fruit that are small green and red berries that have the flavour of spicy apples and much higher antioxidant levels than blueberries.  Easy plant to grow, it forms a groundcover in the wild but you can also trellis the plant for easier harvesting.  Grows in most soils, including sand and clay.  Produces an abundance of white flowers in Spring, followed by berries in late Summer-early Autumn.  The berries can be ripe even when green.  Pollination occurs via insects, so planting other Spring flowering plants around will help with this.



No plants in the Myrtacea Family are permitted into SA & NT

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